Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

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Eating for weight loss

There is a controversy about the relationship between metabolic rate and food frequency. To understand this relationship, we need to know how the body works, if not for three or more hours to eat. If the body not the nutrients she must work, so he goes into a "maintenance mode".

This is a mode in which "hunger trigger" is enabled. "Hunger" is a survival instinct, that is that metabolische rate slowed at this point ensure fat burning as slowly as possible, so that the minimum energy to survive to keep over a period of time under these harsh conditions. Therefore, this is the mode that is preserved in fat.

Happened something else, in this mode, that the production of certain enzymes, which increases the food into fat again, so, if we our next meal be more fat than usual in the body must be stored.

And finally, if we take not for more than 3 hours our appetite to eat, we will an insatiable hunger that we more than usual to eat and to develop still feel unsatisfied.

This condition does not promote fat burning at all. On the contrary, it decreases the metabolic rate and ensures that more fat in the body is stored.

Need to lose weight, you eat smaller portions more often. Eat in this manner every 2 hours is an ideal way to avoid over-eating and stop the metabolism. Nibble to eat fruits and vegetables or other healthy snacks between meals to keep happy and necessary to supply the body with energy, so that the "fat storage" mode will not be triggered.

Weight Loss Before and After

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