Weight Loss and chocolate cake

Hi dear  my followers. Do you want to lose weight? I wrote a new article for you today. I don't know English very well. But I can write understandable articles.:) Thank you so much for your understanding. I hope you enjoy the new article.

Don't think of chocolate cake - like this common weight loss mistakes to avoid

If one was your new year's resolutions by refusing even treats such as chocolate and cakes to lose weight, you do more harm than good.

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire found that not only try chocolate think of us more into the temptation to give in to it means that we actually eat more at the end.

This is it, how our brain calculates things. Try to show a little experiment, we here to give you what I mean;

In a moment, I will give you a guide. But whatever happens, I do not want to follow you. Try as hard as possible to resist. Seriously, no matter how tried you follow to my teaching - don't do it.

Have I made myself clear? OK, here goes. Think you, resist the temptation to follow my instruction.

Whatever you do, don't do... Don't think of a dog wears a pink dress.

So, what was the dog breed and color? It is impossible to not think about the dog, because our brain needs to think to delete it. The same applies to chocolate and cake. Delete when you try it out of your mind all the time, it makes you think more.

I am firmly convinced that "everything in moderation" and "well a little bit of what I want". Which change the way of thinking, is combined with a balanced diet and exercise, may be you can still lean and fit.

When we were growing up, when we finished our meal we would receive a sweet desert as a reward. Over the years the most our brains have wired, that habit and we can often crave sweets after a meal.

To trick and satisfy your brain try fruit tea or nibbling on a sweet fruit such as strawberries, pineapple or grape drink after dinner.

Weight Loss Before and After

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